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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in upstate South Carolina in the city of Easley, which is about 20 minutes in between Greenville and Clemson. We live on a little hobby farm with several acres and our animals love it!

How much is a puppy?

Prices may vary from litter to litter, but they're generally priced in the low $2,000s.

What 'doodle' breed do you specialize in?

We specialize in Saint Berdoodles! Our puppies can be anywhere from 70 to 150 pounds! (We can predict which side of the scale they'll lean before adoption though)

May we visit your kennel?

Snowflake Doodles is family operated and we don't run a 'kennel.' Our dogs live normal pet lives, in our home with the option to go outside (mostly) whenever they want, getting lots of loving and socialization from us, and having free rein of the house. We don't do in-home visits except for puppy pick outs and pick ups.

May we visit the puppies before their pick up date?

Provided that a deposit has been made, you are welcome to visit the puppies as often as we are available. We know that the wait to bring home your new puppy can be difficult!

When can I pick up my puppy?

Most puppies will be ready to go home when they turn 8 weeks old, however on the rare occasion that a puppy displays signs of needing to be kept until 12 weeks of age (due to behavioral concerns or medical treatment) we will do what is in the best interest of the puppy. You can mark in your calendar that pick ups begin 8 weeks from the day the pups are born and last for a week, with exceptions if the puppy parent isn't available until a later date.

What can we expect for the day we pick up our puppy?

Since our pups can start going home at 8 weeks of age, we know in advance the date range in which we'll coordinate pick ups. We'll ask about your availability and work out a day and time for you to come. You'll come to our little farm, we'll go over your puppy pack, you'll sign our contract, and then you'll get to take your puppy home!

Do you offer boarding services?

Yes! If you need to board your puppy before they are 3-6 months old, it's likely that a kennel will not accept them since they won't have all of their vaccines. We offer boarding services for that very reason at a rate of $35/day when prearranged. These services are not limited to the puppy phase! We love boarding our pups when they're adults too!

What will you send home with my puppy?

​All of our puppies go home with the following:

  1. Food scooper

  2. Sample TLC dog biscuits

  3. A week's supply of TLC dog food which puppy’s been eating

  4. Poop bag dispenser

  5. Poop bags

  6. Comfort toy

  7. Comfort blanket

  8. Potty training litter

  9. Vaccination/deworming records

  10. Information about training, health, etc.

What kind of veterinary care will my puppy have while in your care?

Our puppies visit our trusted and licensed veterinarian for their first round of shots and for their wellness checkup when they're 6 weeks old. When the puppies go home, they will be up to date on all age-appropriate shots, all of which having been administered by our vet. They also receive preventative worming treatment a couple times before going home.

Do you potty train your puppies?

We use the misty method beginning at 3-4 weeks of age. We give our puppies necessary building blocks for successful potty training by teaching them where to eliminate, by reinforcing their natural instinct to avoid sleeping/playing where they eliminate, and by sending you home with helpful tools to make training go as smoothly as possible. While we can't say they'll be 100% potty trained, they'll definitely have foundational skills we hope will transfer to their new environment.

Do you crate train your puppies?

We introduce the whole litter to crate training when they're about 5 weeks old. They will still need to grow accustom to being crated by themselves however. The comfort toy and blanket we supply with the pup's littermates and mother's scent will help with the transition.

Do you microchip your puppies?

Microchipping can be a dividing topic, so we’ve chosen to leave that decision up to the new pup-parents. If you want your puppy to be microchipped, it’s best to do it soon after they’re taken to their new home, so consider asking your vet about this at their first appointment.

What is the process for choosing a puppy?

Once your application has been approved and your deposit has been submitted, you will then be added to our 'pick-out' list. When the pups are about 3 weeks old, we'll go down said list and get your choice. We'll help you with insights into their temperament, perceived coat type, etc. and answer any questions you may have.

Are your deposits refundable?

Our deposits are non-refundable. This is largely for the welfare of the puppy. When a deposit has been submitted, a puppy is reserved and advertising on that puppy's behalf ceases. To ensure that every puppy has a home to go to, we require 'earnest money' in the form of a $500 deposit.

What if I've already submitted a deposit?

If you've already submitted a deposit, but choose to not adopt a pup from the current litter, you can defer your selection to any future litter at no extra cost. Your position on our 'pick out' list usually raises when this happens.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, checks, and PetPay. Cash may be given at pickup. Checks must be received 5 business days prior to pick up, as we place a 5 day hold on all checks. PetPay payment must be received 3 business days before pick up due to additional veterinary checks they require.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Our payment plans go through PetPay, however there is an upcharge they require for security monitoring and additional veterinary testing. A $500 deposit would be due to Snowflake Doodles upfront via PayPal. The remaining balance may go on the payment plan which must be initiated at least 3 business days before pick up to ensure additional veterinary testing required by PetPay is completed.

why do I have to sign a contract?

We require a signed contract (which can be viewed in advance under the 'Forms/Apply' tab') for the protection of puppy, buyer, and seller. It is important to memorialize in writing our shared commitment and accountability to the wellbeing of the puppy and to prevent puppy mills.

Why do you require my puppy to be spayed/neutered?

The primary reason we require a spay/neuter by 12-18 months is to prevent accidental pregnancies. Having an intact dog is a big responsibility. Their instincts to breed are strong and many dogs will find a way to mate even with the best enclosure. We do not want to contribute to the population of unwanted dogs nor contribute to a puppy mill.

Do you sell your puppies with breeding rights?

We may consider selling our puppies with breeding rights to established, ethical breeders we see fit through experience and history to steward the care of dogs well. We understand that breeding puppies ethically is a big responsibility which we take very seriously. Our puppies will not be involved in puppy mills if we can help it.

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