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Our Mission

is to expand love

Snowflake Doodles' mission is to bring love to families. We do this in a few ways. Firstly, we breed family-friendly pups that are healthy, loving, and ideal for a busy family lifestyle. In addition, we donate 25% of our profits towards families pursuing adoption through the Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program, which serves hopeful families wishing to adopt frozen, donated embryos. Thirdly, once the Snowflakes® Baby is born, Lord willing, they then go out sharing the love of Christ with the world. And the cycle of expanding love goes on...

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Get to Know Your Breeder

If you can call us that!

We are not your typical breeder on either side of the spectrum. Our breeding business isn't a large-scale operation, or a dependent source of income for us (it can be widely variable and expensive), nor do we spend a lot of time throughout the year striving to make our business grow. We're very happy with how small we are and that we can be incredibly focused on each litter and prepare well in advance to invest lot of time into raising well-adjusted puppies. We are also not, by any stretch of the imagination, 'backyard breeders.' While our dogs do have a nice backyard to play in, they have freedom to come in and out as they please, are never crated, are kept in excellent health, and we do meticulous testing on all puppy parents before a litter is conceived. We do our part to keep puppies out of puppy mills through contracts and taking back/rehoming our puppies. We are actively working to breed healthy, happy St. Berdoodles that will be a blessing for many years to the loving families that adopt them.

We are a very small, family operation. We don't have more than one mama dog at a time, and so we only have about 10 puppies available a year. We are Christians and seek to conduct all our business in a way that honors God. We have a heart for those walking through infertility (see the page called Our Story for more) and have chosen to partner with a Christian adoption agency to financially and prayerfully support frozen embryo adoptions, so 25% of the profit from every puppy that is adopted goes directly to that cause.

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St. Berdoodle Breed Info

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Do you like a giant cuddle bug? An observant shadow? A fluffy best friend? St. Berdoodles may be the breed for you! Their loyalty is second to none. Many St. Berdoods go on to become therapy/service dogs. They're fierce friends and prefer quality time with their people to most anything.

Health of our Pups

The health of the canines in our care are of utmost importance. We understand how serious a responsibility breeding is and work diligently to meet high standards. 

We genetically test our mating dogs to produce pups with the best possible genetic outcomes. We never breed dogs that have health concerns that would hinder the health of the breeding dog or negatively affect the health of the puppies.  Both mom and puppies receive superior veterinary care. 

All of our puppies are kept up to date on all age appropriate vaccines  (including Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and two types of Adenovirus - Hepatitis) administered by our trusted and licensed veterinarian. They get their first round of shots around six weeks of age. Before puppies leave our little farm, they are given a clean bill of health by our trusted vet and come with records of their medical history so that you and your vet can start off on the right foot to keeping them in the best health possible.

Immediately after weaning, at about 4 weeks, and until our puppies leave our care, they are fed the highest quality dog food (TLC) which is both holistic and biologically beneficial. 

Our puppies come with a health guarantee that ensures that if there is something wrong with the puppy, as identified by your vet following pick up, despite our best efforts in breeding healthy pups and caring for them to the best of our abilities, we would give a full refund for the price of the puppy.

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