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Our Process

Below is an overview of our procedure for bringing home one of our sweet snowflake doodles, so you can develop a clear understanding of the steps involved in our doodle adoptions.

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4 Easy Steps

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So you want a pup!?

Complete Our Adoption Application

When you've decided you'd like to adopt a Snowflake Doodle, you'll need to complete our application below. We'll reach out soon with more information and next steps available to you.

Hold my spot!

Added to the Pick-Out List

You'll then have the option to be added to our 'pick-out list'. To do this, you'll need to submit a deposit that will go towards the purchase of your pup. This deposit will save your spot in line for puppy selection.

Boy? Girl? Wavy coat?

Pick Out Your Puppy

A litter has been born and is available for adoption! When the pups are about 4 weeks old, you'll be contacted in the order in which you were added to the waiting list to choose your puppy. Don't want one from this litter? You can defer, transfer your deposit, and choose from a future litter.

Puppy! Come here!

Pick Up Your Puppy

You will travel to our little farm, we will go over all the goodies we'll give you to start your adoption off on the right paw, we'll sign the adoption contract, and then you'll get to take your puppy home!

Visit our FAQs page to flush out some details, or go ahead and apply below.

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Our Adoption Application

We want to ensure that the families adopting our pups are a good fit for the breed that they're welcoming into the family pack.

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