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We are the Mc Kenzies! My name is Julia Grace and my husband is Evan. We love living on our little hobby farm and have a passion for the Lord and His creation! 

Our Saint Bernard, Sybil, miraculously fell into our lives and we're so thankful that she did! (Read on to learn how!) She reminds me so much of Nana from Peter Pan! She's an amazing mama to her pups and loves our baby, Hope. We are so thankful for her gentleness and affection. 

We're on a mission to raise awareness of frozen embryo adoption and fund Christians seeking an embryo adoption! 

Our Story: About Us


The path God led us on that brought us to this place, founding this breeding business with this philanthropic purpose at the forefront, was entirely His own design.

My beloved and I wed in 2018. We soon became pregnant, and then miscarried. With child again, and then without. As this grim trend ensued, interspersed with prideful denial of reality and an eventual perceived inability to conceive altogether, we began considering "our options," as we so dreadfully called them. 

My degree is in biology, so when I accidentally stumbled upon (or more accurately, when God willed me to learn about) embryo adoption, the biologist in me was rather intrigued. I immediately plummeted into research, feeling excitement for the prospect of carrying and delivering children--while still being able to participate in the redemption and healing that is inherent in adoption--then we were immediately met with dismay at the financial burden we would be faced with. As young newly weds, thousands of dollars, even for something as worthwhile as adoption, was not feasible. I looked into how other families raised money for their adoptions, but was still  discouraged. Realizing the hope of an adoption would have to be put on the backburner, there was still the knowledge gnawing at our hearts that over half a million Snowflakes® were waiting to be given a chance to grow.

The answer to our financial quandary nearly fell on our doorstep when family friends, who had initially intended to breed but were called away to missions, offered us their purebred Saint Bernard, Sybil. She would not only fill our house with love and comfort (two things we were in need of more than ever), but also supply the solution to our financial barrier, thus enabling us to have the means to pursue frozen embryo adoption.

Our Story: About Us

What made us confident in our abilities to breed dogs? Earlier that year, the Lord had providentially put me in a working relationship with the founders of Doodles Making a Difference, so I was learning by observation about the breeding process and what it enTAILed. (Sorry, I had to!) I was given the chance to help, ask questions, and learn under the generous tutelage of Christian Peoples and the many alliance homes that make DMaD such and amazing organization.

While waiting for our beloved Saint Sybil to come of age to breed, we decided that frozen embryo adoption was not the path we'd take immediately, as we learned more about our health circumstances. We still, however, had a heart for those desiring to start their own family, but were relying on fundraising and donations to make the medical bill payments (and all of the other expenses associated with adoption).  

This is why Snowflake Doodles exists. We want to expand love. We seek to do this in three different, yet interconnected, ways.

Our Story: Image

Our Mission

Firstly, we want to share the love of a healthy, affectionate puppy. We do rigorous testing and training, so every puppy that leaves our home is thoroughly furnished to be a well-trained, lifelong companion. The breed we have chosen to specialize in, Saint Berdoodles, is renown for its gentleness, intelligence, and cuddliness. Many are trained as service dogs, or are chosen for families with children. Our puppies impart love to whomever they meet!

Our second means of expanding love is to financially and prayerfully lift up those who desire to embryo adopt a Snowflakes® baby, but cannot afford the expenses of conceiving, a blessing and privilege too often taken for granted. The individuals that choose to place their remaining frozen embryos for adoption are heroes; we want to support the individuals picking up the torch to complete the mission, giving life to the precious image-bearers of Christ. 

Lastly, our long-term mission is for the love of Christ to be shared around the world. Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program is a division of Nightlight® Christian Adoptions, both holding to clear Christian values and desiring for the children in their care to be matched with loving families.

The intention for Snowflake Doodles is to contribute to the growth of families and thus cause greater spread of the Gospel and the love of Christ. Thank you for supporting our mission!

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