10 Medium Saint Sheepadoodles available for adoption

We expect the puppies to be about 60 pounds when fully grown. This breed is not expected to shed at all, but if they do it would be very minimal. However, it is likely that they will shed briefly when growing in their dog coat (at 6-10 months). 

This breed will make a great dog for families with children, especially with special needs kids. They will be very gentle and calm as is typical of Saint Bernards. We also expect that they will be protective and very good at reading emotions, as is a common characteristic of Sheepadoodles. Sheepadoodles are a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. They are notoriously good therapy and emotional support animals.

The trainability of Saint Sheepadoodles is expected to require some patience, as the Saint Bernard can be stubborn at times and Sheepadoodles need to see a clear leader when being trained, but both breeds are easily persuaded by treats! Additionally, the intelligence of the breed will help them to easily pick up on commands.



Saint Sybil

Sybil, our AKC registered Saint Bernard, is a two-and-a- half year old dam with beautiful and classic markings. Her Eeyore-like personality makes her the perfect oversized lapdog and the gentleness of her breed makes her an ideal dog for families with children.



Obi, the 25lb F1 Petite Mini Sheepadoodle, is the most handsome stud around with the sweetest personality and piercing blue eyes. He is a playful dog with excellent manners and a love for naps, kids, and sticking his head out of the window!




Magnolia is a very curious puppy and enjoys exploring and learning new things. We think she's the most intelligent of the litter and would make an especially good service/therapy dog. She is the biggest female in the litter so we expect her to grow close to or slightly over our 60 pound estimate. She has the curly doodle hair so we also expect little to no shedding. She even has the beautiful double mask like her mama!

Female * Lime Green




Hazel was one of the first puppies to learn how to walk and has been practicing ever since! She's also one of the more playful pups in the litter.

Female * Yellow 



Olive is the most snuggly of her littermates. Her sweetness is seen by all of our visitors and she quickly becomes the favorite. She has the most unique personality of the litter; she is the quiet observer that sits patiently as the kibble is put down, while the others jump and bark for it. She hardly ever says a peep and is much less energetic than the others; she takes after mama!

Female * Pink




Hickory holds the title for chunkiest puppy in the litter! He has a very steady temperament and is a mama's boy, in the best way.

Male * Red



This little sweetie has a love for sleeping IN the food bowl and after a nice nap she loves to play with her little soccer ball.

Female * Orange


Resized_20210508_132020 (1).jpeg
Resized_20210508_132807 (1).jpeg


Maple (left) and Myrtle (right) are the sweetest pair. Their bonds of sisterhood are strong! They are often found snuggling together in between meals.

Maple- Female * Light Blue        Adopted

Myrtle- Female * Dark Blue        Adopted


Willow is a determined puppy, always persisting until she learns her skill. She is very good at climbing and thinking through problems. She also loves to dig! She's the second smallest in the litter so we expect her to grow to only about 40 pounds. She has the curly doodle hair so we expect little to no shedding.

Female * Purple




This little fellow is the clear leader of the pack, even though he's a bit camera shy at the moment. He is sometimes caught standing on the tallest surface in their play pen and giving the others orders! He's the second biggest in the litter so we expect him to grow slightly over our initial 60 pound estimate. He has the curly doodle hair so we expect little to no shedding.

Male * Black



We endearingly refer to Oak as Acorn since he's the runt of the litter. When the others are mischievously finding ways to escape their pin, he's left inside and resigns to take a nap.

Male * Dark Green


level dark green oak.jpg